Working Weekends or into the Night?

Virtual Assistants

Helping you get your weekends back!

Summer is here, and while everyone else is outside enjoying the BBQ Season, the Pool, Family get  together’s etc….Do you find you are sneaking back into the home office to “just finish up a few things” before Monday? Well think about this!

If today were to be your last day on earth, do you really want to spend it in front of a computer, or leaning over your desk, finishing up those small little things that were eating away at your weekend?

Do you really think that by finishing those small tasks that  you will be that much further ahead…that much more productive on Monday morning when you begin yet another hectic week? Probably not!!

Maybe what you should be doing, is checking out who you can get to help you out on an “as need basis”? Who can provide you with those few hours that it would take, to get you caught up so that you can enjoy your weekend?

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are people in your Community, or even across your City or Province, that can virtually reach out and give you a hand? They have administrative and if your lucky to find a good one, often have managerial and leadership skills.  they work from their own office, therefore you do not have to provide them with real estate or equipment to perform their jobs. They come fully trained, and if they are not; they, not you…are responsible for the training they need to get the job done.

These people are in business to help people like you to get your weekends back! Do yourself a favour and call one today! They are called Virtual Assistants. You will never look back!


Keeping it Simple

Ever think back to what it was like when things were simple?

As a Virtual Assistant to small and medium business owners, I find myself always thinking of ways to automate a process, to simplify and reduce where possible. I also think that because I worked in Information Technology for many years, “automation” is entrenched in my brain; and I do forget that sometimes a few manual tasks can be much simpler than automating them.

A good example of this, is recently I took a look at a clients invoice that he provided to his customers. They were stamped with his business name, hand written, and provided to the customer when the job was completed at their home. In turn, he was paid for his services immediately.

Having purchased wonderful new software, that could generate fabulous looking invoices, I thought perhaps I could put together a proposal for him to improve the look of his.

I must say, the new revamped invoice was quite nice looking, colourful, and appealing to look at! I was proud of the fact that I would be able to provide my client with a new and improved look!

However,  as I worked through the actual processes that my client followed, I realised quickly that; while much prettier, the new invoice was generated from  static application software. This means that it would have to emailed, mailed or faxed to his clients he returned home, which in turn meant additional work! It also meant having to wait on payments with often requiring further manual labour to tack and follow-up on payments not received.

Needless to say, I never did present the proposal!

Lesson learned…Depending on the nature and processes of each small business, it often makes more sense to Keep it Simple!

Customer Service

What ever happed to good old Customer service? From the initial phone call to completing the job requested, Customer service is an important part of doing business!

If you can stop for a moment and try to imagine what might be causing the tone on the other end of the phone, the email just sent, or the phone call just placed! Ask yourself what may have happened in their day or even lifetime to make them sound as angry as they appear to be, it can help you to try to understand why that individual might be feeling the way they are. Even though it can be difficult sometimes to contain yourself, it is really so worth it!

I find that when I am nice to a Customer who appears to be having a bad day, it is often what it takes to calm them down! A smile, a kind word, or a small joke turns them around and makes it easier for you to deal with. Often you will find that they have been exposed to really bad Customer service in the past, and they feel that by yelling or shouting at you, is the only way it can get them what they want. Turn it around, be nice back and see if that works! It might even turn this customer into a really grateful one, that is loyal and dedicated as a result of your patience and understanding!

Smile and the world (or a customer) might smile back at you…TRY IT!


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